Design Philosophy

" I am an artist, I treat every project like a work of art. I love putting together all the pieces of a design - the challenge of combining shapes, textures, colors, patterns, comfort, beauty, and ergonomics - to reflect my clients'
personality and style. My goal is to have  everything fit so well and look so put together, that it looks like it must have always been meant to be that way. I enjoy being able to perform such an important service for people,
something they can't usually do on their own.  Having a beautiful home environment improves your life in so many ways. It's always very exciting when the plans become reality and the vision is realized! "


-"Thank you for all your help with decorating/furnishing my house. It was a pleasure to work with you and your suggestions were so helpful."

-"Thank you so much for all your guidance in re-working our living room-dining room-library room. We love it and I so appreciated the way you supported my tastes while gently making sure I made good choices. You are wonderful!"

-"You are an absolute joy to work with!"

-"First, thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot tell you how pleased we are with how things turned out. The gift of your talent for design/decorating was just amazing."

-"Thank you for all your help with this project - it's wonderful to be finally in a state of tranquility. I look forward to working with you again."

-"I want to thank you again. You did a fabulous job as usual!  I am very happy, everything looks great!"

-"Thanks for all your help and advice. I feel very good about working with you when making lasting decisions like these."

-"I just had everything delivered and it looks gorgeous!  My neighbor thinks it looks great too and complimented me on it, and I told her I had an excellent interior designer!"

-"I want to thank you again for all your support and wonderful ideas for the 'Tree House.'" I am enjoying it so much and looking forward to the next steps!"

-"I love the room.  It is exactly what I wanted. It's beautiful and makes me smile every time I walk into it. You have remedied a long time problem. I am truly thankful that you are so talented and helped to make our home beautiful!"

-"We so much appreciate your guidance, patience, and creativity that you brought
to this main addition to our home. I love the final outcome!"